Bowls Taranaki works closely with our Greenkeepers Association who run programs and workshops for improving Greens and Greenkeepers skills and knowledge. We have some of the best greens in the country, and some of the best greenkeepers. Contact the President: Gary Lilley or Secretary: Maurice Symes.


Our Coaches Association assists with the training of Coaches and individual sessions for players. This year we will have a Coaching Day early in the season for all players who would like some coaching. Our High Performance Programme assists with development of players wishing to play at Representative level. Moe Kelly is President of the Coaches Association


Our Umpires Association organises training and Umpires for events throughout Taranaki. At the start of the season, alongside the Coaches, they will be running a session for players interested in knowing more about the laws of the game. Umpires can go on to umpire at National and International events. President of the Umpires Association is David Brunton.

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